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Working with us means...

Raising qualifications

Work begins with paid training, comprehensively
preparing for the position.

Personal development

An internal trainer takes care of your professional
and personal development.

Competitive earnings

Salary based on a competitive base rate
and an attractive bonus system.

Interesting projects

We implement technological solutions to increase the effectiveness of our activities.

Flexible schedule

That allows you to adjust the working time to your
other activities.

Friendly atmosphere

Guaranteed by a well-coordinated team.


The recruitment process is very important to us. Don’t be afraid of any questions or short tasks. Be yourself, show your possibilities, and we will certainly notice your advantages. Our HR team is there for you, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and dispel doubts.

Sending a CV

Contact from
HR department

Main phone call






Work-life balance is more than just empty words for us. We believe that a happy person is a happy employee, so we also want to take care of the non-work sphere of your life.

At Selvoy, you can count on a package of benefits that will make it easier for you to take care of your health and spend your free time. See what we can offer you:

Sport card

Life insurance

medical care

Remote work


We are aware that everyone has a desire to climb, which is why everyone has a chance to be promoted. By organizing regular trainings and workshops, we can guarantee the possibility of constant development for our team.

What’s more, when looking for candidates for higher positions, we always start with our teams. Thus, we nurture talents and give them a chance to flourish.

Selvoy - Career
Selvoy - Career
Selvoy - Career

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